5 Stars

A perfectionist psychopathic chef is angered by a man who has given him negative feedback about his restaurant. Then the realization of how the food was prepared happens.

Deniz Meydan, Tunç Sabah, Simya Berberoğlu, Yusuf Selçuk Babacan


She is searching for inspiration by looking at things from a different perspective.

Yasemin Duman

A New School

A new school system that discriminates against students based on a credit system is established in the protagonist’s school. This film is about the effects of this change around him and his reactions to them.

Alp İyol, Batuhan Kurtçu

Albert Camus Yabancı

The film centers on a French man, Meursault, living in French-occupied Algeria. Meursault goes through life in isolation, reacting to events and relationships without much emotion or attachment. Then a significant event in his life occurs which changes his life forever.

Berkay Polat, Pamir Oral, Ozan Görgü

Ateşle Oynama

A young girl who feels mentally and physically trapped in her house and who experiences parental pressure and neglect tries to escape from her nightmare-like life. Then she meets a boy just like her during her journey.

Gülfem Ekiz, Ada Katırcıoğlu, Lara Özbal

Bad Witch Ela

A girl stumbles upon a new world and tries to survive in these unfamiliar conditions.

Sarya Baran Kılıç, Zeynep Candar, Ünzile Ela Koçak


A football player remembers his past.

Işık Eren Yıldırım, Erkin Yenal, Arda Kurtoğlu