The Shoelace

Boredom is hard. A bored boy is even worse. He picks on his friend while she is trying to do some work until she is done with him.

Kemal Deniz Özben, Yasemin Duman, Zeynep Naz Alper

The Thief

When a girl finds out that she can steal other people’s talents by stealing their belongings, she starts to gather all the skills she can gain: cooking, playing the piano, public speaking. However, one day…

Doğa Buse Kurt

The Whispers

Fritz confronts his nephew Peter with mysterious intentions. The situation untangles in an unexpected way.

Arda Şıklaroğlu

Under The Roof

This story is a modernized version (presented as a soap opera) of Onat Kutlar’s story “Çatı”. Briefly, a grandmother and a kid want to escape into the rain; however, the mother keeps telling them to not get cold and stay inside. We see some metaphorical examples like the girl drinking water when it is raining outside. Then we see Güleç Osman (Smiley O.) transferring the roof. In Turkish “çatıyı aktarmak” can also mean”to knock down the roof”, which causes a surprise ending.

Selin Bilge Kıldır, Mehveş Hatemi, Emre Sandıkcı, Ahmet Bera Sevim

Undercover 2

This is the sequel of Undercover 1, a crime-drama thriller. Undercover 2 is about Romeo’s attempts at revenge after Julio has killed his lover.

Burak Akkoçoğlu, Bartu Gökçen, Mustafa Uğur Karakış, Ada Deniz Alkış

y r u running?

A runner realizing the importance of doing something just because you love it.

Ömer Gülcü, Kaan Çetin, Emre Sezen


An American Psycho parody

Emir Hürtürk, Yağız İskender, Arda Deniz Okutan, Mehmet Emin Deveci, Alek Adis Kılçyan