Ege Dımışkı

A one last trip to the outside before the doors close down.


İdil Çenberci, Mert Meriç

A love story.


İdil Çenberci, Aybala Esmer

A crisis caused by soda, ended by Quentin Tarantino.

Elysian Fields

Ömer Mert Ünlüer, Berk Naşbacı

A man devastated and exhausted with his unpleasant life decides to take a journey with the hope of gaining his motivation for life back.


Simya Berberoğlu

Ennui is a film about how mundane our lives are right now and the things that we lost in our lives especially because of Covid-19.


Doğa İpek Bozkurt

This is a short film about experiencing mental fog during a pandemic.


Ecem Aktaş, Gülşah Güven

living inside the canvas
every brush stroke sticks to her heart
will she manage to get free
or will she be lost in the dark for an eternity