Aylin Özpınar

In a world that uses women and workers, Eylül is both a woman and a worker. She is forced to be presentable, well-groomed, and hardworking. We see her story as she is used and controlled like a puppet.

50 Moments of Erk-man


Tolga Gürler

Erk-man has a hard time living. 
The following five days will determine his future.
Is he a loser or a winner?


Yiğit Koçaş, Zeynep Karababa, Nil Okan & Irmak Numanoğlu

Angelus Mortis

Aylin Özpınar, Sinem Meydanlı & Treysi Tekök

The main character, Treysi, has a crush on her new handsome and womanizer, as she thinks, neighbor and is jealous of him. She is on the lookout for the right time to go to his home and a surprise waits for her there.

Beyaz Kale

Umut Türk, Doğa Gökalan, İlayda Çötelioğlu & Gizem İltaş

The story is about a young Italian scholar sailing from Venice to Naples who is taken prisoner by the Ottoman Empire.

Blood Bank

Yasemin Bahadır, Boğaçhan Arslan, Alper Kızıloğlu & Selin Sabırcan

A pretty simple man falls in love with a singer but the singer is under the pressure of a mob/her boss who hinders their love.



Su Doğa Karaca, Burla Nur Elçi & Arda Efe Köseler

Is what you have seen actually an illusion? Have you planned what you lived? Chatoyant: showing a band of bright lustre caused by reflection from inclusions in the stone