Dağ 17

Berke Can Agagündüz, Orhun Özdemir, Saygın Güney, Tugay Kapucu & Ekin Gürgen


Oğuz Yıldız, Aras Özkan & Bulut Can Kılıç

Evil Eye

Deniz Lara Güneşen & Dilara Anabolu

Again an experimental inspired by the eccentric ring.


Sarp Polat

This film is about the last days of a couple’s marriage told through the eyes of their child.

Final Dance

Yasemin Bahadır, Boğaçhan Arslan, Alper Kızıloğlu & Selin Sabırcan

A ballerina, after dancing with passion, suspects that someone is stalking her and decides to find out the truth.


Sarp Polat, Leyla Altay & Ceren Erginel

A young girl working a monotonous job. One day she receives a mysterious box, which may or may not be her salvation.

Heads or Tails?


Bahar Taş, Pınar Şen & Ebru Kahraman

Can a coin determine what will happen next?

Ice Cold

Bersun Dikici, Eslem Soylu & Zeynep Dal

The story of a girl who is suffering from severe depression and going through the hardest time of her life.