Ateşle Oynama

A young girl who feels mentally and physically trapped in her house and who experiences parental pressure and neglect tries to escape from her nightmare-like life. Then she meets a boy just like her during her journey.

Gülfem Ekiz, Ada Katırcıoğlu, Lara Özbal


How romantic is it to find your love in a metro station?

İdil Kızılkaya, Defne Akyürek, Zeynep Torun


Sarp Polat, Ece Naz Karamağara, Pınar Şen, Aylin Lale Kirişçioğlu

Why did you kill them… the lovely flowers?!

Final Dance

Yasemin Bahadır, Boğaçhan Arslan, Alper Kızıloğlu & Selin Sabırcan

A ballerina, after dancing with passion, suspects that someone is stalking her and decides to find out the truth.


Two brothers find themselves in an unknown place and the older brother has to make a difficult decision.

Suat Utku Keskin, Mustafa Yusuf Taşyurt, Emre Yazlar, Kaan Yıldırım