Paulina Schenk, Tutku Bektaş and Nazlı Ercan

“Barefoot” is based on the idea that we often try to fit into a shell. We stereotype ourselves. Clothes or shoes become a way to present who we are. The problem is in this superficial sense we start to believe that we are one-sided and base our decisions and actions on our shoes. In our film, a young character – outside of norms – decides to collect shoes as a way of helping people look beyond of their own façade. The character does not aim to change anyone but tries to present a different option from what is expected of the presented individuals.

Cutting The Line

Derin Çelik, Yağız Alp Tekin and Eren Özeren

“We cut lines for a living.”
Meet Alex, an average student who struggles to eat his lunch at school cafeteria due to long lines. After numerous failed attempts to cut into the line, he meets the “Lunch Line Mafia”, who are the experts in the subject. Watch Alex become the most terrifying lunch line expert.


Derin Çelik

“One moment you are here, and the next, you are gone.”​
Alexander the Great has performed his ultimate magic trick, but not everything went quite right. Now he is being interrogated for the murder of a woman named Helen Proditio.

Holy Shot

Arda Eren

What would happen if God needs to give a break?
What would a girl do if she had all of the powers of God ?
Holy shot answers these questions in playful manner.

Lux Divina

Cem Aksoy and Damla Toprak

Lux Divina is a film which has no time, no space, and no concrete plot. A film of continuous seeking nd chase in the roads which are unclear, blurry may be inexistent – depending on the interpretation. As we move with the chracter we see different images. The search that the dark character takes us with him, leads him and us to confrontations and the conflicts of the human. Lux Divina tries to shoot the esthetic and the rhythm of the human’s chaos seeking him/herself and the thing that can be called the truth, a candle light that can be followed. It tries to dig the dilemma of real-unreal.

My First Kiss

İpek Ömercikli, Sıla Göral

First kisses are never to be forgotten and when you make a music video of it, it becomes even more unforgettable. Kesha and 30H!3 got together to inspire us. This is a video to remind of RC’s spirit of youth.

Room 349

Cansu Tüzmen, Dinç Çiftçi and Burcu Küçükoğlu

Run Burak Run

Dinç Çiftçi, Burak Ünsur, Burcu Küçükoğlu and Dilay Yerlioğlu

Russian Mistake

İpek Ömercikli, Sıla Göral

Two people: One is a single mom, one is a desperate boy. Their lives come across each other but in the worst way. A gun is all they have to rely on and there is no turning back, for now…


Yağız Alp Tekin​

Sounds bind us together, footsteps arise the desires. Some are satisfied with his dream, some carry it to a new realm. Runs, runs till the downfall just before the dawn falls. Any way to reach Idea’s? when on a search. Or is it just a deceiving shadow and ash, that makes up the island.