She is searching for inspiration by looking at things from a different perspective.

Yasemin Duman


Three guys are unable to watch a movie due to a repeating sequence of events.

Arda Şıklaroğlu, Işık Eren Yıldırım, Arda Kurtoğlu, İda Yücel Tokgönül, Erkin Yenal


Murat Diken, İsmet Küçüker, Burla Nur Elçi

Mert, a teen who has recently broken up with his girlfriend, tours the city of Istanbul when he gets lost in his memories via songs.

Good Enough

Doğa Ilki, Öykü Ertay, Melek Deren, İrem Özsavaşçı, İrem Işık, Günay Kıran, Leyla Babayev, İpek Naz Öbek, Ceren Şinikçi, Cumali Kankılıç, Irmak Uzun

In a world where everyone wants to be like someone else, it’s hard to realise that you are good enough the way you are.

No. 170

A tree numbered 170 has been stolen and the person who took it is determined not to return it. However, Detective Valentine is determined to solve this mystery even if it means losing a loved one.

Kemal Deniz Özben, Deniz Cıvan Özbek, Yasemin Duman


A girl hears about an art piece a lot, and decides to see it in real life. When she sees it, after traveling a lot to just see that art piece, she finds out how overrated it is.

Ece Yağmur Arslan, Ece Ata