Ege Dımışkı

A one last trip to the outside before the doors close down.


A man finds himself in an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar items.

Ali Telek

Adanalı İşletme

Arda Eren Battaloğlu, Hüseyin Emir Bilgin, Arda Kundakçı

Two guys try to troll a food company in Adana on the phone and the Adanalı worker in the company also trolls them but they are not aware of that.


Mert Dindar, Elvin Köse

After facing the ill-minded, modern manipulation of the artificial emotion; she lost her own happiness. And the Alligator sunk into the depths of tears.


In this movie, there’s a girl whose birthday is that day but no one celebrates except one mysterious person.

Defne Besiri, Kemal Deniz Özben, Yasemin Duman