Tara Kolcuoğlu, Mert Saruç, Yağmur Erhan

Anna Carmen, raised in a village far from the city, goes into a job interview in the city for a respected law firm, but she realizes that something is wrong.


Aylin Özpınar

In a world that uses women and workers, Eylül is both a woman and a worker. She is forced to be presentable, well-groomed, and hardworking. We see her story as she is used and controlled like a puppet.

3:15 p.m. / A Movie


Doruk Eliaçık, Batu El & Görkem İrisoğlu​

The dreamy journey of a boy who seems to be struggling in life.


Kaan Dönbekci, Ege Ersu, Dilan Kurt & Elize Aslan


50 Moments of Erk-man


Tolga Gürler

Erk-man has a hard time living. 
The following five days will determine his future.
Is he a loser or a winner?


Yiğit Koçaş, Zeynep Karababa, Nil Okan & Irmak Numanoğlu


Bora Kıyıcı, Arkın Hacıoğlu & Orkun Kıral

The main character is all alone in a natural habitat and what he is doing is a real mystery.